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Your Preschool Resource

Welcome to Winged Strawberry Resources for Parents and Teachers. This site was created by Jennifer Burlingame, a teacher who saw the need for a clean, easy to navigate website full of resources for preschoolers!

Not sure what to do next? Here's a bit of information about what can be found under each of the topics on the left.


This section is full of themes full of 5 days of reading suggestions, crafts and art, as well as Preschool Coloring Sheets, music ideas, and other fun science and math activities that fit in with the weekly theme!


An alphabetical list of all the Preschool Coloring Sheets available for free download from

Arts and Crafts:

A list of all the art and crafts activities that can be found in the curriculum section, laid out in an easily navigate format.


A complete list of all the printable handwriting sheets available on


Links and resources especially for parents of preschoolers as well as preschool teachers and educators.

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Why Winged Strawberry?
Choose when you are looking for Preschool Coloring Sheets, curriculum, arts, crafts, handwriting worksheets or resources for parents and teachers of preschool age students.

Your Preschool Resource
Winged Strawberry offers a free, comprehensive set of resources for parents and teachers. Free curriculum tools, Preschool Coloring Sheets, craft ideas, art, book suggestions, preschool reading ideas, pre-reading, and pre-writing activities are available free to use to any parent or teacher who works with preschool age children.

 Visit Jennifer's other webpage where she catalogs her journey as a plus-sized woman with celiac disease: